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HR Management

HR Management

Emanate Solutions provides an HR roadmap that is customised to your organisation’s present needs, focusing on ROI and taking away the hassle to allow you to grow your staff and grow your business.

NZQA Compliance & QA

NZQA Compliance & QA

Not only are we all over NZQA compliance we love it.

We get the Rules and the Regulations and the legislation so you don’t have to.

Wellness Health & Safety

Wellness, Health & Safety

With our partners at BMINZ & Safer Teams we can make a real difference to your workplace Health & safety. Our philosophy is to make a difference with high impact training that makes compliance easy.

What do we do?

At Emanate Solutions we are about finding simple solutions to complex issues. We think outside the box, to provide lateral solutions that fit with your organisation. Our team of experienced professionals take people on a journey of quality assurance from start to finish.

We provide clear pathways for growth through people. We are excellent at providing simple solutions to complex problems.

Generalist HR advice to develop your policies and procedure to keep you safe for small, medium or large companies. A one stop shop service.

NZQA compliance is our specialty- we take the stress out of compliance and allow you to grow your business and support your students. we write and develop training packages to met your needs and the qualification outcomes.

We have a wellness programme that delivers a return on investment and supports your people to perform better at work.

Why Choose Us?

  • We’re Experienced

    We have extensive experience across a wide range of sectors.

  • We Understand

    We love quality assurance and compliance and take the hassle out of it for you.


    We take a collaborative approach to finding the right HR or Training solution for your business.

What our customers say about us

When we decided to set up a new PTE emanate Solutions and Lesley was our first call. The collaborative approach and readiness to go the extra mile to get the application to NZQA on time and on budget, made the process easier. Lesley’s simple and pragmatic approach to quality assurance ensured our systems were simple and easy to follow while meeting all requirements.  Thanks for making to process through NZQA compliance easy.  

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