Will you still need me when I’m 64?

Strategic HR Planning

For large and small companies strategic HR planning is an important component of strategic HR management.

It is often overlooked in small to medium enterprises who only seem to have time to get the job done. While most medium to large organisation have a strategic planning process that is reviewed every year (mostly) smaller organisation don’t always take the time to plan. HR planning links the strategic objectives and management together.

Even a small organization with as few as 10 staff can develop a strategic plan to guide decisions about the future. Having people at the core of your business will allow your business and your people to grow and change. Leaving this chance will impact your bottom line. Whereas if you deliberately plan to grow and change the result will be a business and people that deliver the best products and services by the best people who love what they do.

Integrating human resource management and employment technologies is one of the ways emanate Solutions can help your business grow and change. Human resource planning will help you achieve your vision, and goals while taking your people on a journey to be the best they can be just like your products and services.
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Partly Sourced from: Herman Schwind, Hari Das and Terry Wagar, Human Resource Management: A Strategic Approach.